Garments Manufacturing

About Mark One Apparel Ltd

Mark One Apparel is based in Suva, the capital of Fiji. Since 1989 we have specialized in only the best of woven men’s shirts and ladies blouses and additionally, we have produced a range of quality NRL and AFL garmets to ensure we supply only the best to our key markets: Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Our success is reflected in a broad base of loyal customers and with annual growth. Our key competitive advantages are simplicity, quality, price and time.




You want apparel – we make apparel. Be it small or large scale, design or casual, fast or slow production, we keep it simple and functional. Our priority is that you enjoy an effective service that is worth every dollar.


Mark One Apparel is one of Fiji’s top garment manufacturer and the only specialist in men’s shirts and women’s blouses in the Pacific Region (see full product range). Our specialisation enables us to guarantee the highest standards and to fully satisfy all expectations and requirements made by our overseas customers. We choose the Fiji National University Quality Award System as a frame work by which to measure our progress towards excellence and adopted the ISO 9002 quality process to give a well balanced quality focused production and administration basis.


Mark One Apparel profits from various factors to keep its cost low. This clearly reflects in our prices and makes us a competitive player in the garment industry. Apart from effective cost management, we work with low labour costs, enjoy preferential trade agreements with focused markets and operate in a Tax Free Zone in Fiji. Our specialized product range and our 25 year long experience with garments keep our error rate insignificantly low and make our calculations accurate. We will not surprise you with sudden changes in price and we will not let you pay for our mistakes.


The “time factor” is becoming more and more important and gets special attention at Mark One Apparel. Despite having a big part of our customers overseas, we are able to reach most of our customers in Australia and New Zealand within 4 hours by air and within 10 days by sea and our customers in the UK within 4 days by air. Our “no minimum order” policy allows our customers to timely optimize their stock and not to be stuck with an extensive warehouse. We value our customer’s time and respect their deadlines and therefore successfully implement a check and balance system that enables us to monitor every step of our production.